Teya Salat
Tags: yiff games


Be the powerful Terrorbane the hero in the Developer's endless pursuit of creating the perfect video game. You will embark on an adventure based on jRPG that's full of gaming icons and it will be a hunt for bugs, in the hopes of becoming The Bane of Errors.
The game is disguised as classic jRPG, inspired by the 16bit age and tERRORbane is a humorous adventure that defies genres and is the story of an obnoxious videogame Developer who is working on his first videogame and eager to make the Player his Test subject.
There are no problems in this game.
You're wondering what's to come from this daring meta-commenting-legend-refuting fourth- bug-finding piece of art?
You'll find the following in the city of tERRORBANE:
JRPG inspired gameplay with magnificent lands and powerful foes
Fun characters and snappy dialogue
More video game references than you will be able to manage
A bit friendly, but also a too confident in the development process
The original take on traditional mechanics
There are no bugs
Diverse lands that don't fit into one particular genre (Fantasy? Post-apo? (We aren't sure!)
Okay, we might have some bugs and it's up to you to find them.
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